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Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been around since ancient time. It is widely used as natural remedy for certain skin and health issues and also as sugar substitute in meals. It has a sweet taste and is a lot healthier than sugar. When purchasing honey, it is better to go for raw honey because it contains more nutrients […]

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Chiropractic info

A health care practitioner who specializes in chiropractic, the hands on or hand-held instrument movement of the bone structure of the body to improve the function of the joints and/or nervous system,
CHIROPRACTIC = “practice” means “to do” and “Chiro” means by hand”
Chiropractic is hands on diagnosis and precise treatment based on body intelligence to correct and heal itself you were bourn with it and it works all on it’s own and when it malfunctions, it tries to ‘talk’ to you, Continue reading


How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

If you’re a new mom, you’re probably eager to lose the baby weight. Let me tell you there’s no quick and easy way to do it, but it’s certainly possible. This is how I fit back into my skinny jeans after having a baby!

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods

I’m well aware that running is hard on my body – it seems to constantly leave me with some form of ache or pain. I decided that a good thing to try might be eating more toward the anti-inflammatory end of the spectrum. According to Harvard Health, some of these foods include: tomatoes olive oil […]

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Tara Chow Tayo! (Lets Eat)

MABUHAY! Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ni hao! Ciao! Halo! Ya sas! Chao chi! Waaah! It’s my first time to create a blog and it needs my deepest intellect which is comprised with food stuffs (KABABUYAN sa Tagalog haha). This blog is actually for FOODIES, QUICK BITERS, HEAVY EATERS, FULL STOMACH and MATATAKAW(loves to eat). Im a […]

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