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The premium wedding entertainment services


RJ sound house offers Premium Entertainment Service making the lofty Wedding, Private Event, Birthday, Anniversary Celebration or Corporate Event. We provide our clients with more than a cookie cutter DJ in the corner service but with a full entertainment experience. We offer the best DJ Entertainment, Lighting/Uplighting, Photobooth, Photography, Live Entertainment, Catering Service and a whole lot more. We built up a reputation for being one of the finest 5 stars Premium Entertainment Provider.


Since music is basic to any flawless important event, our DJs masters have a broad learning of all music class and more than 16+ years of mixology abilities to make consistent DJ services. We will probably guarantee that you have worry-free light and sound services in Delhi. The music choices are planned entirely with respect to your choice and your visitors. We play the best tunes at the correct circumstances to make the music experience that will be important.


Our MC (Master of Ceremony) can persuade and arrange to help keep everybody drew in on important sections and course of events of the night.  We offer great wedding dj prices as well.


We can likewise engage your next event with our Karaoke DJ/MC. Get your companions and some party props and prepare to be a rockstar.

Live Entertainers

Our live performers can improve any sort of festivity. So whether it’s a jazz sax or string trio for your wedding function or guitarist at your cocktail/supper event or a percussionist to add a little Latin spice to the night, we can definitely supply it.


Our DJ pros have awesome mixology abilities and can get you ready DJ music sets with cue points, begins and stops with or without a standalone setup. If you require our Mixing DJ music for a remote wedding or event, simply disclose to us your most loved genre and a couple of your most loved hits, and we will shake you wherever on the planet.

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Valentines Day Makeup Look 💗 — MakeupManiac

Hello beautiful people, As you can tell from the title of this post, today i’ll be sharing with you all this gorgeous pink smoky eye look I created for Valentines Day! Now im not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock my Valentines Day inspired makeup look anyways! Whether you are […]

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Valentine’s Day 2005 — Lavanda Michelle

As I sang, tears fell from my eyes because Tim was not there with me. My brother had gone and Zoey looked so much like him and he was also my sunshine. Then the phone rang to my room and it was Tim. His first words to me were, “I love you.” My voice cracked as I uttered, “Then why aren’t you here?” Although I knew the answer, my heart was broken. I couldn’t believe I said those words because my heart screamed, I miss you and I love you too. But my mouth betrayed me and expressed words that I didn’t mean to say.

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Feel the Love — The Space between the Words

I hope this won’t send anyone into a panic, but Valentine’s Day is only three days away. What will you and your sweetheart do? Go out to dinner? Exchange cards? Eat candy? Back when I was in grade school, Valentine’s Day was a big deal. We’d decorate little paper bags with red and pink hearts […]

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Get Your Health On The Right Track

As they say, there’s no time like the present. Your health should be the most importantthing in your life. But sadly, it is often left to last. We put bad lifestyle choices, as well as diet, before the thought of our health. The implications of this as we age are so big. I’m sure we can often admit that it is the fact of not knowing what exactly what is needed to get our health back on track. It goes so far off track, that getting back to the right place just isn’t even in sight. Well, we’re here to show you it isn’t. All it takes is a few minor changes and you can be as healthy as ever. One by one, we’re going to tackle the issues you might have, and get you feeling the best you ever have. Read on to find out more.

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