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Happy Diwali Quotes 2018

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Happy Diwali 2018: Happy Diwali quotes

Happy Diwali Quotes 2018

Diwali is a magical time to celebrate with loved ones. May you get to create special memories with the ones you love, this Diwali. Best wishes!

May the mirth and merriment of the magical festival of lights give you endless moments of joy and love. Happy Diwali

May the merriment of this wonderful festival of Diwali fill your life with infinite joy. Happy Diwali to you and the ones who matter to you!

May the joy and merriment of this amazing festival surround you with all things happy and positive. Happy Diwali my dear!

May the beautiful gleaming lamps of Diwali brighten your life making it a better place to live. Happy Diwali

May the gleaming diyas of Diwali bless you and your loved ones with positivism. Happy Diwali

As you perform the Puja rituals of Diwali, I silently pray to Lord Ganesha to shower happiness and prosperity upon you. Happy Diwali!

As you pray to Lord Kuber on the auspicious eve of Diwali, I pray to him to shower wealth on you and make you feel the luckiest. Happy Diwali

May Goddess Lakshmi enter your house this Diwali evening and fill it with wealth, good luck and prosperity. Happy Diwali

Diwali is the best time to create special memories with your family and loved ones. May you create the best of the best memories this Diwali. Happy Diwali

May this Diwali bring endless moments of joy and love to your life. Happy Diwali       

May the festivities of Diwali over-whelm your heart with joy and happiness. Happy Diwali

I hope this Diwali brings lots of luck to your life and fulfill all your dreams and desires. Happy Diwali

May the luck and love be with you on this auspicious occasion of Diwali. Wishing you a great Diwali

Happy Diwali Messages 2018

May this beautiful festival
Bring ample joy and luck
In your life!
Happy Diwali!


May all your dreams come true,
And may Lord Ganesh bless you
With success and happiness!
Happy Diwali


It’s time to share happiness,
It’s time to show your love
It’s to wish all your loved ones
A very Happy DIWALI!!


May the bright lights of Diwali
Fill your life with wealth,
health and joy!
Happy Diwali


May Goddess Laxmi
Shower lots of wealth
And prosperity on you
And your family, this Diwali
Happy Diwali


Burn all your worries,
Bad times
And sad memories
With the firecrackers of Diwali.
Happy Diwali!


I wish you
Love, luck and
Endless fun-filled moments
On this Diwali.
Happy Diwali!


Hope this Diwali
Doubles your charm and charisma
And makes you a better person!
Happy Diwali


Most loved wishes
For you on Diwali!
Happy Diwali!!


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Cartas de Amor Inspiradoras Para Enamorar a tu Novio o Esposo


Las cartas de amor y frases bonitas para tu novio o esposo son de gran ayuda cuando se busca demostrar el sentimiento que los une. Aunque puedas creer que los chicos no son cursis, te aseguramos que es un detalle que nunca olvidarán y los hará sentirse más enamorados de ti.

A continuación te mencionaremos algunas cartas de amor para enamorar a tu novio o esposo, y fortalecer su relación amorosa.

Carta de amor para mi novio que lo amo

Si deseas tener un detalle especial y romántico con tu novio, nada mejor que hacerle una cara para mi novio. Las frases llenas de amor en tu carta, lo harán sentir único y feliz por saber lo enamorada que te sientes. Con las cartas de amor para novio cortas, puedes expresar todo el amor que le tienes.

Una gran carta de amor para mi novio original, que puedes usar es la siguiente:

Palabras de amor para mi novio

Hola amor,

Te escribo en esta carta lo que quiero decirte desde hace tiempo. Quiero decírtelo pero no puedo hacerlo frente a frente porque me enredo en tu mirada, me distraigo con tus labios y me envuelvo en tu sonrisa. Y entonces se me olvida decírtelo.

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Pero quiero hacerlo porque debes saberlo. Debes saber que soy tan feliz contigo porque me haces reír, porque me haces temblar, porque me haces soñar. Soy tan feliz contigo porque cada día noto tu respeto, tu aceptación de mis manías y de mis pasiones y porque no intentas cambiarme.

Soy tan feliz contigo porque a tu lado siento, por fin, que formo parte del mundo, por tu forma de minimizar los problemas, por la complicidad que hemos creado y porque contigo ha empezado a cobrar sentido el “para siempre”. Pero sobre todo soy tan feliz en tu abrazo.

Original post: carta para mi novio

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The premium wedding entertainment services


RJ sound house offers Premium Entertainment Service making the lofty Wedding, Private Event, Birthday, Anniversary Celebration or Corporate Event. We provide our clients with more than a cookie cutter DJ in the corner service but with a full entertainment experience. We offer the best DJ Entertainment, Lighting/Uplighting, Photobooth, Photography, Live Entertainment, Catering Service and a whole lot more. We built up a reputation for being one of the finest 5 stars Premium Entertainment Provider.


Since music is basic to any flawless important event, our DJs masters have a broad learning of all music class and more than 16+ years of mixology abilities to make consistent DJ services. We will probably guarantee that you have worry-free light and sound services in Delhi. The music choices are planned entirely with respect to your choice and your visitors. We play the best tunes at the correct circumstances to make the music experience that will be important.


Our MC (Master of Ceremony) can persuade and arrange to help keep everybody drew in on important sections and course of events of the night.  We offer great wedding dj prices as well.


We can likewise engage your next event with our Karaoke DJ/MC. Get your companions and some party props and prepare to be a rockstar.

Live Entertainers

Our live performers can improve any sort of festivity. So whether it’s a jazz sax or string trio for your wedding function or guitarist at your cocktail/supper event or a percussionist to add a little Latin spice to the night, we can definitely supply it.


Our DJ pros have awesome mixology abilities and can get you ready DJ music sets with cue points, begins and stops with or without a standalone setup. If you require our Mixing DJ music for a remote wedding or event, simply disclose to us your most loved genre and a couple of your most loved hits, and we will shake you wherever on the planet.

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Valentine’s Day 2005 — Lavanda Michelle

As I sang, tears fell from my eyes because Tim was not there with me. My brother had gone and Zoey looked so much like him and he was also my sunshine. Then the phone rang to my room and it was Tim. His first words to me were, “I love you.” My voice cracked as I uttered, “Then why aren’t you here?” Although I knew the answer, my heart was broken. I couldn’t believe I said those words because my heart screamed, I miss you and I love you too. But my mouth betrayed me and expressed words that I didn’t mean to say.

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